Just A Thought : My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Stomach
February 24, 2012, 5:17 pm
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Image DetailMy eyes are defiantly bigger than my stomach. On Thanksgiving I’m always the one stuffing my plate with everything I see and I end up not eating half of it. The problem is , that when I am hungry .. I’m HUNGRY ! I would eat anything in sight. The worst scenario is being hungry and in a supermarket. The items I end up leaving with are ridiculous. But at the peak of extreme hunger everything looks so appetizing. Then the kicker is that one my way home I usually end up stopping by some fast food restaurant anyways and order  the biggest thing on the menu . So when I get home I’m looking through a dozen grocery bags filled with a bunch of microwavable, easy-to-make, TV dinner crap. So I have refrained (sorta) from food shopping on an empty stomach. I’ve also bought little snacks to munch on before I go out to eat so I don’t end up spending $8 on a fast food meal. Now the only thing I need to work on is that stupid candy at the checkout counter  (ehh)…..Just A Thought