Just A Thought: Concerts Are Overrated
April 18, 2012, 4:20 pm
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Concerts are so overrated. Especially if the tickets are $300! Now I’m sure their are some people who are willing to fork over $300 for a crappy seat to see their favorite artist preform but their is honestly no artist who will ever get that much money from my pocket for a nose bleed seat. I recently read a statement from Madonna,who is notorious for having outrageous ticket prices — comment on the public response to the price per seat for her upcoming concert tour. She said “Start saving your pennies now. People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together and come to my show. I’m worth it” via Newsweek. I must  say the only time I’ve heard of someone spending $300 dollars on a handbag, is while watching one of those Real Housewives shows but never personally . Maybe by “people” she was referring to her filthy rich friends.

I did do my research and found that some tickets are indeed $300 and more, but there are cheaper options. I believe they were around the $60 range. The only catch is that the seats are located behind the stage… Now I know they aren’t literally behind the stage –well at least I think they’re not . But I guess pretty much they are saying you won’t be able to see much, if anything at all. My first thought when I saw the warning sign that was  in all caps was “I’d have my ass in someone elses’ seat for $60 dollars!”. Maybe I’m just being cheap I mean it is Madonna — and she is worth it — right … Well putting aging pop star Madonna to the side, paying $60 dollars for some seats that won’t even have a decent view of the stage + parking,  for any pop star is beyond me. Now a die hard fan might get some enjoyment by the fact that they’re just at the concert but everyone’s pockets are tight regardless. Madonna may need to take a class in accounting because pennies buy gum , not a ticket to one of her concerts — that’s half a paycheck… Just a Thought.