Just A Thought : My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Stomach
February 24, 2012, 5:17 pm
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Image DetailMy eyes are defiantly bigger than my stomach. On Thanksgiving I’m always the one stuffing my plate with everything I see and I end up not eating half of it. The problem is , that when I am hungry .. I’m HUNGRY ! I would eat anything in sight. The worst scenario is being hungry and in a supermarket. The items I end up leaving with are ridiculous. But at the peak of extreme hunger everything looks so appetizing. Then the kicker is that one my way home I usually end up stopping by some fast food restaurant anyways and order  the biggest thing on the menu . So when I get home I’m looking through a dozen grocery bags filled with a bunch of microwavable, easy-to-make, TV dinner crap. So I have refrained (sorta) from food shopping on an empty stomach. I’ve also bought little snacks to munch on before I go out to eat so I don’t end up spending $8 on a fast food meal. Now the only thing I need to work on is that stupid candy at the checkout counter  (ehh)…..Just A Thought


Just A Thought : Paula Dean Has Diabetes
January 18, 2012, 5:39 pm
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Paula Dean has diabetes. Not a surprise for anyone who has seen any of the southern chefs butter-packed television shows (Paula’s Best Dishes, Paula’s Home Cooking). Some might call her the queen of calories due to the unhealthy dishes she prepares on those popular shows. She is known for her heavy use of butter and sugar. Before the announcement of her having diabetes; which she has actually been living with for 2 years now. Their was little controversy surrounding the funny lady, besides her little spat with chef Anthony Bourdain. And the fact that most of her recipes include tons of butter. She was loved by everyone. But now the backlash begins. Paula Dean is single handily the reason why everyone in America has type 2 diabetes. Yeah right. Now no one is actually saying that but why are people so mad? Yes she is preparing very unhealthy meals for an audience that defiantly doesn’t need them but so. It’s the viewer s choice weather to prepare that for their family or not too. And now even people who don’t even prepare her recipes are mad at her for getting diabetes. I somewhat see the frustration in the fact that she has known for 2 years about her diabetes but still continues to promote her buttery recipes. But again we all have the choice of what we serve at our dinner table. Is Paula Deans career over? No. She could use this tragic medical condition to introduce healthier foods to her audience. Which she has already done by adding alternative cooking options for some of her recipes on her website. Her son Bobby is also set to premiere his new show “Not My Mama’s Meals”. Which will feature healthier versions of his moms recipes. Maybe Paula Dean having diabetes will in courage people to eat more healthy. Maybe. But whats not questionable is her kindness and sweet southern charm. People will eat fried chicken and Krispy Kreme pudding weather Paula Dean is making it on tv or not. Because its freaking delicious !  Just a Thought.