Just A Thought: Concerts Are Overrated
April 18, 2012, 4:20 pm
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Concerts are so overrated. Especially if the tickets are $300! Now I’m sure their are some people who are willing to fork over $300 for a crappy seat to see their favorite artist preform but their is honestly no artist who will ever get that much money from my pocket for a nose bleed seat. I recently read a statement from Madonna,who is notorious for having outrageous ticket prices — comment on the public response to the price per seat for her upcoming concert tour. She said “Start saving your pennies now. People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together and come to my show. I’m worth it” via Newsweek. I must  say the only time I’ve heard of someone spending $300 dollars on a handbag, is while watching one of those Real Housewives shows but never personally . Maybe by “people” she was referring to her filthy rich friends.

I did do my research and found that some tickets are indeed $300 and more, but there are cheaper options. I believe they were around the $60 range. The only catch is that the seats are located behind the stage… Now I know they aren’t literally behind the stage –well at least I think they’re not . But I guess pretty much they are saying you won’t be able to see much, if anything at all. My first thought when I saw the warning sign that was  in all caps was “I’d have my ass in someone elses’ seat for $60 dollars!”. Maybe I’m just being cheap I mean it is Madonna — and she is worth it — right … Well putting aging pop star Madonna to the side, paying $60 dollars for some seats that won’t even have a decent view of the stage + parking,  for any pop star is beyond me. Now a die hard fan might get some enjoyment by the fact that they’re just at the concert but everyone’s pockets are tight regardless. Madonna may need to take a class in accounting because pennies buy gum , not a ticket to one of her concerts — that’s half a paycheck… Just a Thought.


RantDom: Reality TV
April 5, 2012, 4:19 pm
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Bar fights and late night hook-ups have taken over television. Many nights I have had my eyes fixed to the television, consumed by this cheap entertainment called reality TV. Seeing people do the fool on national television for a large sum of money or to extend their fifteen minutes of fame — for some reason is very entertaining. However , all good things must come to an end. By this I’m referring to those shows that have run their courses  — meaning  the plot line and cast  –  are no longer entertaining. So before the show becomes a huge embarrassment, its best they just take a bow.

First example : Jersey Shore— Almost 4 years ago Snooki and Company took over Seaside and pop culture. The fist pumping , house music, tanning freaks were the hot topic everywhere. Millions flocked to the television screen,  intrigued by the way they dressed, partied and the Jersey lingo. Now  — five seasons later —  the hype has dyed down. A show about nothing can only go so far. I’m not a regular viewer of the show but from season 4 to 5 what seems to be the conflict has been Snooki’s “alleged” hook-up with Mike . Which has sparked fights between the two during the 2 seasons. That pretty much shows how far the entertainment factor has dropped. But at least the episodes are not filled with more boring Sammi and Ronni drama.

Now with cast members getting spin off shows and the announcement of a 6th season. The overexposed alarm is starting to ring very loudly. I never got the feeling that the cast members were loved …maybe likable. But now they are just annoying.

File:RealWorldSanDiego(2011)Cast.pngSecond example : Real World — The longest running show in MTV history and the first “Reality” TV show. The Real World defiantly will go down in somebodies book as one of the greatest shows on television. Now 26 seasons later its still blazing the television …almost painfully . The Real World used to be famous because of the “issues”. The show in the past dealt with issues including racism, aids/HIV, homophobia, addiction, politics , religion and more. The “issues” had some type of substance, that added something more interesting to watch for on the show — other than the fights. In the recent years the shows “issues” seem very meager compared to the “issues”,  from the shows golden years. From watching earlier seasons the cast members fought out of passion, rarely  drunkenness  comparing to now when cast members only fight when they are drunk. Also the personalities that stared on the show in the earlier years are like night and day  compared to the dull personalities gracing our television now. Everyone looks the same and even if they weren’t on the show, in actual life they still would probably be friends. Which takes away of the famous “strangers living in a house” factor.  Besides most  reality shows based on regular (boring ) people today  — aren’t that popular anyways. The interest comes when celebrities are placed in these types of situations (Bring back The Surreal Life !) . So it just seems like The Real World is on tv …just to be on TV.


Third example:  Any dating based reality show —  To understand my disgust with this format of reality television put yourself in the shoes of a hopeful contestant competing on one of these shows —   for love. Imagine being thrown into a house with 17  other contestants —  fighting to prove your  love for a guy or girl that you’ve never met in your life. In the process of capturing this persons heart you have to compete in various task to prove that you love them — of course . And you defiantly  have to put in some overtime hours to show why your better than the rest . By exposing those who aren’t there for love and sabotaging other contestants. Oh and you also get so alone time to be with the conqueror —  that may include a steamy hot tub or if your lucky the bedroom. Where you get to swap spit with this person who has just swapped spit with 16 other people who you have to see everyday.

The people who star on dating shows must have a alternative motive — because falling in love just isn’t it . Why would people  want to look bona-fide crazy on national TV seemingly convinced they are fighting for the love of their lives. The only thing that makes these type of shows interesting are the fights and how pathetically desperate the producers can make these people look.

The reality is that reality tv — is going no where. The format is cheap and easy for networks to create and usually bring in descant ratings.  Unfortunately however for every good reality show there are three more that make you cringe.