RantDOM : Hypochondria
February 4, 2012, 11:11 pm
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Google is defiantly my best friend but also my worst enemy. I am a huge hypochondriac. Every time I have a migraine, upset stomach, sore throat even little things like my finger hurts. I immediately Google the symptom. And after a few minutes of research I have diagnosed myself with some type of illness. The first time I can remember scaring myself to death with an illness that I don’t have, was in the 5th grade. When we had a presentation about sex by the school nurse. We learned how babies were made and about the girl parts and boys parts.But what really freaked me out was the portion of the presentation where the nurse discussed the symptoms of HIV.I can’t exactly remember what she said all the symptoms were. But I know the one symptom she said that stuck in my head was have acne or bumps on your back. I maybe had 4 or 5 of the smallest bumps ever on my back. But I still went crazy ! Oh my gosh ; I have HIV. I began to scratch and scratch my back more and more; until I really had bumps on my back. I had developed a rash of little tiny bumps. Now I don’t remember how I got over that little fiasco but eventually I guess I just forgot about the whole situation. All I know is that it sucks thinking you are ill. Your mood changes and you just feel depressed. My mine is constantly racing with half of it saying I do have the illness and the other half say I don’t. I think I’ve gotten better … a little. Although the other day I was watching a video on Parkinson’s disease and I immediately started remembering all the sores and tingly feelings I have ever gotten on my body. Which I briefly freaked out about. It is important to exam yourself and recognize when your body is feeling a little funny just in case you actually do have something. But I now make a conscious effort not to jump to any conclusion without seeing a actual doctor.


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