RantDOM: Chewing on My Finger Nails
January 24, 2012, 5:30 pm
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Image DetailWhats chipped, chiseled, chomped and whittled? My finger nails. But not for long. I am making a conscious effort to stop biting my finger nails. Forever ! My finger nails aren’t terrible and since I’ve had braces I’ve actually cut back on my finger nail biting. But I still get behind the metal sometimes to have a little snack between snacks (ew).  But that’s really what is happening when you bite your finger nails. You get a lot more than just some keratin in your mouth. You get all the germs that live under it and more. Especially if you don’t practice good hand washing techniques. You might be biting on your moisturizer, what you had for lunch, dirt and maybe even poop…yes poop. Another reason I want to stop biting my finger nails (as if chewing poop wasn’t enough) is because just the image of someone chewing on their nails. I know what I think when I see someone biting their nails. Which is that they must be nervous , to me it shows a lack of confidence. So as a young man its important for me to stay away from implying any presumptions like that to me. By not biting my nails.  But its so addicting ! I do get nervous and I am a very anxious person but I don’t think that I bite because of that. Its just something I do , when I have nothing to do. I’m a touchy person. I can’t stop from curling my fingers in weird shapes or picking in my braces. But poop in my mouth…now that might keep me from chewing on my nails forever.


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